10 Best Sega Dreamcast Emulators 2017


Dreamcast is the 6th generation game console that is released by Sega Emulators in the year 1998 in November and in 1999 in other countries. It was first of the 6th generation of game consoles even before Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Sega Dreamcast is one of those emulators where many new technologies can be seen that was never seen in any other game console. Its features include internal hard drive and connection to the internet. Dreamcast is the software that runs on the Sega segment. It got discontinued later in the year 2001.

Its specifications include:

  • Resolution of 640×448.
  • RAM of 16MB, sound RAM of 2MB and video RAM.
  • Analogue and digital controls, virtual memory system and dual triggers.
  • 7 million Colors.
  • The operating system of Sega and customized windows of Microsoft.

Top famous Dreamcast Emulators include:


It is the emulator from which you can play homebrew and CPU games. It only runs on the platform of Windows. It also shows the opening screen of Sega and also runs the demo slowly. Very soon, you’ll be able to see the first signs of commercial games. The rating of the game is 7.0.


It is the Emulator for the system of Dreamcast. It is the first emulator to run the commercial games. It was specially designed for 2003 and Windows XP. It is not compatible with Windows or ME9x, and you may get some problems using it with Windows 2000.

Some of the requirements include Pentium 4 with 1.6 GHz, RAM of 256 MB, 2003 or Windows XP as it won’t work with any other device, Latest DirectX and sharp graphics. Rating of this Emulator is 8.1.

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It is the kind of Emulator that enables you to play the commercial games at afaster speed. Development of this Emulator stopped, but recently theRussian based company has given the emulator a growth with alpha Naomi support. This supports the entire Windows platform. The rating of the Sega Emulator is 7.3.


This emulator was for win86, but now it is archived to Github. Now, all of the work is done on reicast. NullDC is the better choice for the emulation on x86 and Windows, but reicast is something where future development is involved. The rating of the emulator is 8.1.


It is the Sega Dreamcast console and also the arcade emulator for Windows OS. The emulator got released in the year 2010 and also has avery high compatible rate. This emulator can run different commercial games and only runs on the platform of Windows.


It is the first ever Emulator developed for the computer. Elsemi developed the Emulator in the late 2000 and early 2001. This only consists of few demos and no progress are done till now.


It is thoroughly entertaining Nintendo system for Dreamcast, and also it is famous for its compatibility. You can download and save up to 10-12 states, and the selective screens feature on NES box and also on some background tunes. It is the best and leading Dreamcast Emulator.


It is the first Emulator to start commercial games, but its improvements are still going on. It is still rebuilding, and no version is there to download.


There are existing numbers of Emulators but what stands out is DreamSpec. This includes pre-prepared CDI image with around 100-200 free spectrum games.

10-Saga Genesis

This version is still at the stage of Beta, but it is worthy of the best Emulator games. This also saves games to sports VGA output, VMU and the cheat codes for games.


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