4 Ways to Redeem Points of Your Frequent Flyer Program


If you love travelling or are required to travel frequently for professional reasons, there is no joy greater than a big bargain on your travels. You can redeem points accumulated through your frequent flyer program to get amazing deals on your flight tickets and a lot more. Here we’ll take a look at four amazing ways in which you can use your frequent flyer points.

Earning frequent flyer points is altogether different from using them wisely. While you might have done several hard yards and collected points with your countless casual and business trips, it is essential to use them smartly to bring in amazing discounts on flights, travel bookings and a lot more.

 We have listed 4 of the best ways in which you can use your frequent flyer points.

  1. Get a Discounted or Free Flight

You can redeem points accumulated in your frequent flyer program account to get fantastic deals on flight tickets. If you are not eligible for a free flight, you can at least look for getting a discount on the fare with the points you have collected. When doing so, ensure that you do not waste the points on booking tickets that are easily affordable. Cheap fares are not really worth spending the points on. Collect enough points so that you can get a significant bargain on an expensive flight ticket.

  1. Look for an Upgrade

If you cannot get a free flight or a major deal on the ticket, the next best thing you can do is to apply for an upgrade. You can make most of your points by purchasing a ticket to economy class and then getting it upgraded to business, premium, or first class by redeeming your points. But at the time of booking the flight ticket, make sure that the ticket is upgradable.

  1. Transfer or Gift Them

If a loved one is nearing an important milestone in their life, you can use your points to give them a memorable present. For instance, you can send your recently married friend on a honeymoon to an exotic location, send expectant parents on a babymoon or send a graduate sibling on a Europe tour. There are limitless possibilities. You also have the option of taking someone with you on a trip which you are planning anytime soon.

  1. Exchange them for Rewards

Many of the frequent flyer programs now have a plethora of rewards which can be exchanged for the points. The reward ranges from shopping across a broad spectrum of products to memorable experiences like dinner in a 5-star hotel, free stay in hotel/resort and much more. You can also redeem them for exciting gift vouchers of your favourite brand or store.

If you have taken several trips in the last couple of years and have collected a significant amount of points, these are some of the best ways in which you can use them. Do your research before redeeming them to ensure that you get the most of out of your frequent flyer points.


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