5-Steps To Choosing a Great Auto Repair Shop in Greensboro


Safety is very crucial when it comes to taking the scenic route in your car. Since you can never predict what lies ahead of the road, it is imperative to keep the vehicle in smooth working condition to avoid being stranded in the middle of the road. To keep the machine in good condition, be sure to find a good place where you can bring your vehicle in.

There are certain indicators that you should take into consideration before coming down to an auto body shop. Honesty is the key course but it’s not nearly as much of an issue as some would think.

There are several honest auto shops out there that still don’t do their customers any favors. Take a moment to consider these 5 steps when choosing a body shop Greensboro to have your vehicle serviced should you have the need.


Reputation is one of the key indicators to look at when finding a place to bring your vehicle in. With Google and Yelp turning out to be top online sites for reviewing automotive service shops, you can easily choose the right service provider based on the reviews. The number of reviews is crucial since any business can get 5 to 10 person to review them.

So don’t be carried away by the prehistoric. Rather be more focused on numbers while determining the rating. The more reviews there are, the more likely that rating is true. A genuine site receives both good and bad reviews.

Be sure to check how the bad reviews are responded to. If you own an Audi, it would be ideal to seek recommendations from people your know that drive the same type of car.


Nothing can surpass the service of an experienced auto body shop center. Experience and reputations almost go hand in hand. Be sure to check the number of years they have been in the industry.

In the era of specialization, not two auto body shop centers provide service for the same car. While it could be a little harder, it would be always a great to find a shop that knows your type of car well and make the difference between your car lasting 100, 000 miles or 200, 000 miles before being retired.

If you don’t have an independent shop nearby your location, you can choose a dealership that can provide you supreme level of experience and expertise.


The automotive service field is rapidly changing. Some shops deliver on all count while others do not. One of the great ways to stay up to date on recent advancements and hone skills is to participate Expos and other trade shows.

A reputable shop takes the time to stay up to date on ASE and manufacturer certification and training. If they lack in the skills, they may not be able to diagnose and repair the vehicle effectively. This will cost you more money! Do not hesitate to ask what training and certifications they have, especially the technician who will be working on the vehicle.


This is probably one of the major area most shops seem to lack in. Although it is not always possible to predict every repair a car will need, a good shop must be keen to inform their customers of the need to have their car inspected fully once, preferably twice a year.

A full inspection saves one money by detecting problems before it is too late. It also allows the customers plan better by knowing more of the complete picture of what the car needs.

In many occasions, customers complain of not having the desired result with regard to the amount they have spent. This means so many shops are just not recommending or properly inspecting the cars in their shops.


There is nothing to be surprised when you hear stories that “They put a part on that did not fix the problem, “ or “It cost more than I was told.” One difficult reality of auto repair is that there can be “gray” areas. A real test of a shop is how well they handle these situations and how they inform the customer of risk.

You may have to try a new shop out for a repair in order to fully vet whether their communication is up to the mark. Make sure the service advisers are confident, friendly, and knowledgeable.

They must be able to properly prepare you for all outcomes, and let you know cost and time frame before any work is begun. Be sure to review the work when picking up the car. Great shops, such as Audi Greensboro auto body shop, will follow up with you even after your service just to make sure all your needs were met.

Finally, your vehicle and all of its service is your responsibility. Most people tend to skip the research on internet to determine the best services for their vehicle. Whether it is an Audi or a BMW, choosing the right shop can make a massive difference in obtaining the correct recommendations.


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