5 Virtual Office Solutions That Can Help Support Your Business


The virtual office can be one way to start your business in Indonesia. If working in Jakarta, the virtual office plan prevents you from spending more money on office and a lot of time waiting in high traffic, especially when a couple of hours can be wasted. With a number of applications, entrepreneurs can begin their venture through the online landscape.

With a virtual office, your office meeting can be in the middle of Jakarta’s CBD sitting along any one of the major skyscrapers, but as opposed to leasing office space on a monthly basis, you get access to these facilities without the high overhead. Take a look at Servcorp Indonesia’s Virtual Office at http://www.servcorp.co.id/en/virtual-offices/ to see the way many of these offices are fitted out for tenants. On top of the world-class amenities, your virtual office can support your business in a few ways.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the different tools that can be used as a part of your virtual office to support your business.

Online Record-Keeping Apps And Software

One of the best ways that your virtual office can help you is through providing you access to a number of record-keeping apps online. These apps will allow you to do a number of tasks, like generating invoices and financial reports, keeping track of accounting information, ageing, and a number of other tasks. If needing software that will allow you to keep track of the books, there is also software that will allow you to sync your business account information with bank account information, making record-keeping a very efficient task.

Cloud-Sharing Programs

Cloud-sharing programs make it possible for you to share files online with teams. In the virtual office landscape, your teams can collaborate with each other and have the convenience of being able to access information without the hassles associated with printing and scanning a document to a person, or even emailing team members with documents. In essence, cloud-sharing programs have made the collaboration more efficient.

Online Calendars

Online calendars have revolutionised making appointments and setting meeting dates. Many of the apps allow team members to communicate with each other while seeing their availability so that when meetings times are established everyone is in agreement. Whether each member can see the calendars of others or whether the program also enables emailing, online calendars have a number of functions. The great thing about online calendars is that a few are compatible with other programs, and many of them have mobile apps.

Online Meeting Rooms

In addition to any video-conferencing amenity you might get as a part of the plan, the virtual landscape provides you with the ability to hold meetings online. When everyone is in different locations, the online meeting can be a great way to get down to business. Furthermore, it can be a great way to make sure that the meeting is attended by all.

Online Platforms

Businesses can create their office infrastructure through any one of the online platforms available. Many of these websites assist employers with looking for talent to hire. Through these platforms, businesses can track time, can send assignments, communicate with the contractor, and make payments. In many ways, this is probably one of the easiest to set up your online business.

Solutions For Your Office Solutions

The virtual office presents businesses with the independence and freedom to work in an online platform with many tools. Through the virtual office, businesses reduce the amount of waste in terms of time making business more efficient. Finally, through many of the apps online, your virtual office can be just like working in a conventional office without the ridiculously high overhead.


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