Augmented Reality in Education: Redefining the way we study


Gone are the days when teachers used blackboards to teach students in a class of 50. With time, technology has made it easier to study. Blackboards and whiteboards where replaced by projector based education and internet based classes but even those are replaced in the fast pacing modern world. For the learners, this method may prove a little modern and new, but as per the experts, there are endless benefits of learning with the help of audiovisual techniques one can easily memorise whatever is taught and that too in a little span of time. Introducing Augmented Reality in the education sector is really a breakthrough development. Now instead of visualizing the concepts students can actually see those in the virtual world and manipulate it. Conventional education seemed difficult because imagining something is not every student’s cup of tea. Some student lacks the power of imagination, but that does not mean they can learn the concepts. AR in education makes sure that each student has a fundamental knowledge of every concept.

Is AR something like gaming?

Pretty much. Augmented Reality was basically a thing for gaming but innovators re-thought the applications through different walks of life, and one such application is in the field of education. For having a conceptual understanding, it is important that the student understands the theory in the right manner. When a teacher talks about the flow of conventional current, it confuses the student because it actually contradicts the original concept but still has applications. In such situations, a teacher can use Augmented Reality to illustrate how things happen. Education Augmented Reality service providers make sure that each concept in the syllabus is covered in a fine manner and provides a better understanding.

Does AR not distract the students?

Distraction is when a student thinks of something else while he is being taught. Distraction does not happen when AR is deployed in education. In fact, the teachers who experimented AR based education state that the students enjoy learning the concepts and theories which were believed to be boring prior to deploying AR. For instance, a teacher can project a solar system and can ask students to play with orbits of planets. A teacher can even demonstrate the functioning of a human heart using AR and can guide students about the several organs that help the heart in functioning. While this is just a hint to what AR can actually do many other objectives are there that can be achieved by using AR based education procedure.

Can the AR syllabus be customised according to the requirement?

It is understandable that the curriculum varies a little when the parent’s organization providing education is different. So yes, the AR-based curriculum can be customised according to the needs of students. One can add concepts from vast libraries, and one can even remove a particular concept with an updated one. The developers of augmented reality in education industry have made sure that the technology is intuitive for everyone.


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