Best Tips To Invest in Android Apps


To be honest, the mobile phone application is an ice on the cake for the user experience, while calls and text messages are the most important functions of the mobile device. However, the application can become a top priority for the person, if it involves sufficient interaction. Mobile application can create loyalty to the brand and help you to fall into the competitive market. In fact, users want their preferred brands and companies to develop their own worldfree4umovie mobile apps to get a personalized user experience. The development of mobile phone applications in India has become a serious business, as there is an increasing desire to develop and design mobile phone applications.

Mobile application is the best marketing and communication tool for any company / business in an inexpensive way. Keeping in mind the importance of mobile phone application and usability, you can choose either Android or iOS. Before you develop your app, we recommend doing a market research on Android and iPhone developers in the city to find the right developer for you. All entrepreneurs may face this question: Android or iOS? Both platforms have their own pros and cons. Based on your requirements, choose the platform that’s right for your app.

Robotic robot is known for its profitable features, affordability and fragmentation of smart phones. Unlike Apple, Android has a wide range of devices that make it a top priority in application development. wait! This is not the only reason Android is selected. There are more benefits to Android app development. Here’s why:

Android is dominated by the smartphone market in India

According to a recent study, Android has captured 97 per cent of the smartphone market in India. Currently, India stands as the third largest smartphone market in the world after China and the United States.

Android is the only market that can deliver high-quality, affordable features to a wide range of mobile devices. Simply, an average Indian consumer can buy an Android smartphone within their preferred budget. Due to market fragmentation and affordability, Android is still dominating the Indian smartphone market share.

Android provides low entry barriers

IOS app developers should ask for a Mac desktop to develop iOS apps. On the other hand, the Android app can be developed on Windows, Linux, or Mac. In addition, Google charges a one-time fee of $ 25 to register as a developer, while Apple charges $ 99 a year. To get Android app development, all you need is a system and a $ 25 fee to start the development process.

Android apps are developed using JAVA

Java has proven to be the most powerful programming language used to develop a wide range of devices. It is an open source that provides free source code from the Java Development Kit (JDK) for developers and the added feature is that it can be run on any system regardless of hardware and software support. This powerful programming language is used to develop native Android applications.

When writing Android applications using Java programming language, they can be easily moved to other platforms like Symbian, Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS.

Android is great in customization

Are you tired of the same old tools? shudder! You can download a tool from a third-party app and replace it with your inventory. Bored of the same layout? You can download and replace them as well. Android lets you customize your app the way you want – and this is why developers love Android application development more than any other platform.

Android provides the ideal platform

In the rapidly growing application market, the ability to adapt quickly counts a lot. The Google Play Store on Android lets you update the app within an hour, responding to user feedback, while the app store follows the same lengthy process of sending your app. You can send the same app multiple times to the Play Store, while you need at least a week to run your updated app on the App Store.

In addition to multiple downloads, it also provides Alpha and Beta versions that can be accessed by a group of members to test your application. Based on comments from testers, you can correct errors and / or merge some features before they reach actual users. Therefore, Android provides an ideal platform for testing your app.

Android is profitable

Yes really! I heard that true. The general assumption is that iPhone users are rich in in-app purchases, making it more profitable than Android. But this is not true anymore. Android developers can earn revenue through app purchases, in-app purchases, and the most profitable app ads.


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