Business and charity of BulatUtemuratov


Kazakhstan entrepreneur BulatUtemuratov, his business and social activities – is the best example of how private capital works for the good of the country. The businessman not only invests in the restoration of enterprises important for the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but is also engaged in charity, implementing projects the significance of which is difficult to overestimate.

Achievements in the field of entrepreneurship

Mr. Utemuratov graduated from the Economic Department of the Almaty Institute of National Economy. Moving up the career ladder began with teaching at his alma mater. Then there were managing posts in the field of foreign economic relations and appointments to Austria as the chief executive officer of the Kazakh trading house. Firstly, Mr. Utemuratov thought of this trip as of the exile, but it was this trip that allowed him to get acquainted with modern methods of doing business, develop his own approach and strategy, build up capital and acquire useful international connections.

His first major achievements were in banking: the creation, development and profitable sale of ATF Bank, the creation of banks Kassa Nova and Forte Bank. In 2006, the investment group Verny Capital, with Mr. Utemuratov as a key shareholder, was created. Managing the financing of the entrepreneur, Verny invested in the restoration and modernization of previously unprofitable enterprises. The success of the Vasilkovsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant was outstanding, which later turned into the largest gold mining company in Kazakhstan. The success of Verny includes the opening of Burger King fast food chain, the RixosBorovoye luxury hotel and modern business centers.

Charity and sponsorship

BulatUtemuratov’s Foundation cooperates with the Red Crescent of Kazakhstan, and the BatyrkhanShukenov Foundation, Association of Parents of disabled children, and also supports the project “Autism. The world is one for all”, bicycle ride for charity “Burabaik” and the global reconstruction of the Almaty Botanical Garden.

With the involvement of the personal funds of a businessman, Kazakhstan tennis has been developing for 10 years already: new courts and clubs are being built, competitions are being held. Athletes from the Republic of Kazakhstan successfully represent the country at prestigious international tournaments, including the Davis Cup. The charity foundation of BulatUtemuratov allocates nominal grants for talented school graduates, which opens them the way to the best universities in the country, including private ones. Business activity of Mr. Utemuratov and his charity projects have made a tangible contribution to the development of Kazakhstan.

Revival of the Main Botanical Garden of Almaty

A well-known Kazakhstan entrepreneur BulatUtemuratov prepared a gift for Almaty residents: his charity foundation plans to allocate $15 million for a large-scale reconstruction of a specially protected natural facility of national importance – the Main Botanical Garden. The reconstruction process is planned to be completed by the end of 2019.



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