Buy Youtube Comments For Your Videos


Youtube has over 1 billion users, it is the most popular social network used to watch and share videos online. Every minute on Youtube there are uploaded a total lenght of around 400 hours of videos. With so many videos uploaded every minute on Youtube it is extremely hard to stand out and build viewers base. Youtube video comments count has crucial influence in Youtube video rankings, the more comments Youtube video has the higher it will appear in Youtube search results. With a help of our Youtube video comments service we can get your video to the top!

When you think about all of the different metrics for Youtube videos such as views, likes, subscribers, and comments the most important factor of interaction by far is comments. If you have a video that has thousands of views and no comments it will instantly be looked at as fake views. Youtube viewers are very savvy and they know videos that have many views and likes and no comments are fake.

We buy Youtube views because Youtube will give your video a boost in the Youtube and Google search results. You also need to buy Youtube comments. This makes people interact with your video and it makes it look legit. There are so many people that buy views but don’t have any comments at all. One of the most important ranking factors these days for Youtube videos is comments. Youtube comments are one of the hardest things that you can fake. So in combination with retention views, likes and some good comments you will see your Youtube videos take a massive jump in the search results.

We offer the best Youtube comments in the business. Our comments are designed to look like real conversations are going on. People write a comment then react to other comments which creates the impression to Youtube and your visitors that this is 100% legit and I want to like and subscribe and be a part of this channel and artist. That is why you buy our services because we help you rank better in the Youtube search results and get more natural comments and grow your channel.

Our Youtube comments packages are starting as low as $15.90 for 100 Youtube comments. We only need your Youtube video link to start delivering comments on Youtube video. socialgrand provide only high quality social media services – our youtube comments are high retention comments, which means that your video will be watched for long duration, it is necessary to use only high retention youtube comments services, because only using these comments your youtube video rankings will increase. If you want to increase your Youtube video comments visibility without any risks you can buy safe Youtube comments from us.


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