Cerakoting Your Firearm Is A Good Idea! Truth Or Myth


If you are a firearm owner, then you need to know about the different protective coating that will keep the weapon free from damage. The popular finishing that is sweeping the firearms world is Cerakoting. The coating is proprietary finish of NIC industries (Cerakote) that has a thin film of ceramic coating.

It offers a hard finish to the surface that will resist scratching, abrasion, corrosion, and enhances the strength. Cerakote services by professionals will ensure it out-performs other coatings in the market. The properties of the Cerakote undergo rigors testing to guarantee high-quality. The coatings utilize the state-of-the-art technology that helps in providing it an edge over the other techniques.

Properties of Cerakote

The Cerakote developed in the early 80soffers durable coating to the firearms. NIC industries developed the thin chemical-resistant coating that provides the firearms maximum protection along with durability. It has unique features like;

  • The coating offers protection to the critical areas of a firearm with the thin coating (0.001 thicknesses.) So, the unique formulation of thepoly-ceramic coating is resistant to corrosion compared to other finishes like bluing.
  • Cerakote can bond with all materials that adhere to materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, polymers, and aluminum.
  • It offers agood degree of lubricity that makes it use fewer lubricants compared to other finishes. So, it avoids attracting dust, dirt, and other particles that make the gun clean, which ensures better operation.
  • It protects the surface against oxidation better compared to other coatings. So, it suits themarine environment and hot months that exposes the firearm to sweat.

The process of Applying Cerakote to Firearm

Do you wish to know the Cerakote applying process?Though it may sound simple, the process is undertaken by a professional to ensure to optimize the perfect finish. The Cerakote in Houston will follow the steps for applying the coating to your firearm.

  1. The firearm is not just field-stripped but disassembled.
  2. The next step is to sandblast the degreased parts to remove the oil and contaminants from the surface. It ensures that the surface is clean before applying the coating.
  3. HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) Spray gun applies the Cerakote to the surface.
  4. After the coating application, oven curing of metal parts at high temperature (250 degrees Fahrenheit) takes place.
  5. A low temperature of 150-180 degree Fahrenheit will cure the plastics and polymers.

It utilizes two formulas for Cerakote namely air cured and oven-cured. Oven-cured involves baking in an oven while air cured utilizes the air.The high-temperature parts like barrels use the air cure formula and the oven-cure formula coats the firearm frame, slide, etc. It is available in more than hundreds colors to suit your requirements.

You need to note that the Cerakote is not a DIY project as only a qualified professional expert (with training from USA, Japan, Germany, and Australia) can complete it with precision.

The Cerakote finish offers a subtle appearance to your firearms with enhanced durability. It offers a rugged finish that helps in protecting your firearm from the daily use. If you use your firearms daily, then it is recommended that you get the coating done as it will enhance the life and appeal of your firearm.


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