Chur Burger in Sydney: What you should eat?


Burger is simply one of the best dishes that mankind has ever made. It’s the perfect match to beer or a sweet milkshake, it’s what you crave for after a tiring day at work or in school. Fortunately, Sydney has great restaurants that offer great burgers. One of them is Chur Burger in Sydney.

Using the tastiest ingredients and passion for anything that’s beefy, meaty, and juicy, Chur Burger in Sydney simply redefined what a gourmet burger is. Our favorite meal is having a glam makeover and Chur Burger is here to make it all possible. Here are some of the top dishes that you should try when you visit a branch of this famous restaurant.

OG Beef

You can never go wrong with a classic. OG Beef is your classic burger but with a wonderful twist. It’s the safe hefty burger that you simply cannot be wrong too. Heighten your senses with this delicious dish’s high quality grilled beef, tasty tomato jam, mustard, and pickles. If you don’t want a complicated burger then this dish is the best for you.


Chur Burger in Sydney also has a dish for those who are conscious about what they eat. If you want something healthier but still tasty, then succumb to the tasty VEG. It’s a spiced chickpea fritter matched with a beetroot and honey labne. Perfect for a light afternoon snack or to those who want to be more careful with their diet. Perfect with a glass of wine or a side dish of coleslaw.

The Notorious P.I.G

Do you want something sinful? Then sin away with The Notorious P.I.G. And yes, it’s named after the rapper Notorious B.I.G who always do big. This hefty dish has crispy pork belly, chili caramel, pickled carrot slaw, and aioli. It’s sinful but so satisfying you’ll forget how it might ruin your diet. This dish is perfect for those who want to get notorious with this dish and a bucket of cold beer.

Biggie Smalls

Named after another notable rapper, Biggie Smalls is something that you won’t take for granted with its grilled beef, cheese, spicy pickles, lettuce, onion and ‘Chur’ special sauce. It’s a bite-sized meal with big sized taste.

Spicy “AF” Chicken

This dish will make you hot and bothered with the fresh and tasty ingredients that it has. Spicy “AF” Chicken has all the right moves with the help of double crumbed chicken breast, double cheese, lettuce, lemon mayo, fresh tomato, spicy AF sauce and many more. Match this with a cold and sinful glass of coke and you are good to go.

The Chur Beast

Tame the beast within you with this Chur Burger signature dish. The fresh double grilled beef, double bacon, double cheese, tomato jam, BBQ sauce, mustard mayo will make you want to forget all the hard work that you have done the whole day. Just like another burger, The Chur Beast is best served with a pint of beer. But if you want to be more sinful try matching it with a super sweet glass of chocolate milkshake.

Chur’s Mac Dadd

Show them who’s the daddy with the delightful Chur’s Mac Dadd. This meal will make you satisfied with its grilled beef, mac and cheese patties, hot smoky BBQ Sauce, jalapeño mayo, fresh jalapeño. It’s the right burger with just the right amount of ingredients.

Aside from the fine main entrees listed above, Chur Burger in Sydney also has side dishes like chips w/ chili salt, coleslaw, iceberg, buttermilk dressing, dill, sweet potato fries with aioli. There are milkshakes, cocktails and more available in the bar.


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