Considerations when purchasing industrial shelving


Maintaining and storing goods correctly in a warehouse or any industrial setting can be a tricky task. You need to ensure that your goods are going to be well-protected and that the shelves you purchase can withstand the items you are storing and are of the right size to contain them. You should also ensure that the shelves are making good use of the space you have rather than creating a hazardous space and adding to the clutter.

If you are going to be purchasing shelving for your industrial space, it pays to research your choices carefully. Here’s a look at some factors you should consider before reaching into your wallet and splashing the cash.

Understand the layout of your warehouse
This should be one of the most important factors when considering the type and quantity of shelving you need. Warehouse space is not free and unlimited, and you don’t want to waste space by having inefficient shelving solutions.

Look into the different shelving options available
There are many different forms of shelving available, and not all are created equally. You’ll find rivet shelving, steel shelving, pallet racking, mobile shelving and mezzanine shelving. According to the HSE, you could also opt for customised shelving depending on the layout of your warehouse or industrial space.

Understand the weight of the items stored
You need to make sure that your shelving is strong enough to withstand the weight of the items you will be placing on it. Always install shelving that can store larger and heavier items than you will be storing to reduce the likelihood of your shelving collapsing.

Used or unused?
New shelves are just as cost-effective as used ones, especially when you take into consideration the price of disassembly, delivery and reassembly. With new industrial shelving Ireland like those you can purchase at, you can be assured that you are buying a product that is reliable and will last the distance.

Will they hold up in a disaster situation?
You need to make sure that your shelves can stand up to adverse weather events such as hurricanes and even natural disasters like earthquakes, no matter how small or insignificant they may be. Ensure that they are securely fixed to the floor so there is less chance of them collapsing.


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