Dandruff and its treatment



Dandruff is one of the very common condition that the human beings face when they are alive. The problem is mainly with the hair and it happens with both men and the woman. However for the woman it is a very serious one because usually woman have or they prefer keeping long hair. So if a problem of dandruff happens then it will be very very hard to remove and will definitely take good amount of time to clear the problem. In this problem white colored flakes appears on the scalp. Now this makes the scalp very much itchy in their sensation and the scalp also becomes very much smelly in certain cases of with severe effect. The condition of this dandruff thus is a very much embarrassing as if the above mentioned effects happens then it might be very much awkward for that individual to be present in a particular social gathering as it will be noticed as well as smelled too. However the problem of the dandruff and the reason behind it still not known properly. Some is of the opinion that it occurs due improper fooding habits, which is not totally true. Yes, if a particular individual is not maintaining its hygiene properly or he or she is not washing the scalp properly then the problem of dandruff is very common.

Anti-fungal agent

We use shampoo and soap to make ourselves very much clean and hygienic and maintaining that way is also very much required because it will give us a positive feeling for the rest of the day so that we will be able to work in a proper mental condition. And it is also noticed that cleanliness is very much impressive also as it keeps a proper environment around yourself whether at work or at other places. Shampoo is used mainly to clean the scalp and keep the dirt, dust and most importantly the dandruff out of the reach of the scalp. As if for once the scalp get infected with the dandruff then it is not easily to leave. Proper medicines and the medicated shampoos will be able to remove the problem only. We have heard of the antibiotic and their uses. Like them there are anti-fungal agents too. Ketoconazole is one of the most common and effective antifungal agents that is prescribed by the doctors in the problem of the dandruff in the scalp. It is very much common and also it very much safe too for its usage over the skin.


The best shampoo too reduce dandruff will definitely consist this ketoconazole in their composition. It is one of the most known antifungal agent used in this cause.

Itching sensation

One should clean their scalp in a proper way at a regular time interval so that they are able to put away these problems away from themselves. Because these problems also cause a lot of irritation as itching is very common effect of the dandruff.

Natural shampoo

Apart from medicated people can also use the best all natural dandruff shampoo for daily use to keep the scalp clean and also very much fresh.


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