Draw handsome revenue over time


A pre-rented property denotes one that is rented out to any organisation and afterwards vended to a customer along with that rent. The buyer of a pre-rented property is guaranteed of fixed returns on investments or ROI right from the very first day. The return on investments has been intended in a manner of rental returns because the leasing act happens to be as well passed on to their name.

Significance related to re-rented properties:

A pre-rented property in New Delhi convinces the customer of a zero waiting period meant for return on investment to set off. Pre-rented investment provides capital appreciation over due course of time. It as well proffers the customer with set rental proceeds and better turnout. Based on such benefits, corporate investors and individuals prioritize to purchase commercial pre-rented assets over unrented properties.

Commercial sectors provide loans having a range of ninety per cent relating to the cost of the asset bringing in utilisation the “future rental discount tool” as a process to render simple a rapid and continuous purchasing process. High net worth individuals and ultra high net worth individuals or UHNIs, of course, choose to put their resources in justified pre-rented commercial property for sale in New Delhi since they vouchsafe for a short time of processing. Consequently, commercial assets offer high rental revenue in the proportion of nine per cent to fifteen per cent, whereas residential assets provide merely three to six per cent as rental returns.

There exists no vagueness that real estate captures the attention of ultra high net worth individuals. These pre-rented assets provide the set income. Hence, the main aim is to lease out to the excellent tenants, obtain minimum revenue for the span of three to five years and in the end walk out having a medium to high investment acknowledgement.

There are mostly found two kinds of commercial properties. The first one forms the lease-hold, generally offered by governmental institutions such as MIDC; which are leased out to the purchaser normally for a time span of ninety-nine years and can be extended further. The purchaser, in reality, possesses rights to bring in use the property. It forms an illustration of purchasing an asset without in actuality being its master. The customer enjoys restricted authorities on what can be done to the properties.  

Another one makes a free-hold asset. The buyer turns out to be the licensed holder relating to the asset and also the piece of the land where it is constructed. It offers extra responsibility and authority as regards the landowner. As per Indian laws, a superiority relating to the pre-rented commercial negotiations take place over the freehold land.

The specifications related to a better pre-rented asset

Let the aspect of location be taken into account here:


This forms the main facet that can be said to be highly crucial as per each buyer and realtor. In case the asset is situated within an already better and main central business district or CBD, it happens to be acknowledged that the entire array of horizons and facilities are perfect and easy. Here rental income will be high.


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