Everything You Must Know Before Enrolling at a Beauty Therapy School


Many Australians love to pamper themselves, from their hair to their skin, beauty and wellness are among the top priorities of people these days. This is why it is not surprising that the beauty therapy industry in the country is booming and there’s no sign of it stopping anytime soon.

Meanwhile, because of an increasing demand, there’s no doubt that a number of people starts aiming to obtain a diploma of beauty therapy to get a job within the dominion of the industry. Performing certain treatments for face and body must be accomplished by the said expert who incorporates sufficient knowledge and outstanding familiarity regarding the matter. Apart from that, he or she should convey only the useful advices towards their clients majorly about cosmetics and skin care. Lastly, one who aspires to get employed for the said job title should also encompass an excellent stamina, communication abilities, eye for esthetics and most importantly management skills.

What Does It Take to Become a Beauty Therapist?

Vocational courses are a must for an interested person to pursue. Next in having a high school diploma, educational programs about related aspects are the appropriate trainings to secure. With that, one should finish an esthetician course. Topics such as the skin care, facials, hair removal, eyebrow arching, manicures and pedicures are included in the said program. Additionally, when a person attends one, he or she will also be educated about anatomy and physiology as these impose total understanding from them. Also, how to conduct a correct massage and other related treatments will be featured. As the lectures and demonstrations are on, it’s also necessary for a student to become aware regarding the importance of health and therefore the safety concerns. Thus, these will be comprised by an esthetician course for sure. Typically, this will run for less than two years.

As an additional option, some places are offering one to join an internship program right after finishing the abovementioned course. It will be done in salon setting wherein only the experts including the licensed estheticians will train their students by giving an extensive supervision towards them as they participate in actual sessions included in their chosen industry. Evidently, this is comparable to an on-the-job training program. Unlike an esthetician course, more informative observations will partake during the sessions. After the completion of an internship program, the aspiring one can now proceed with applying for a licensure exam.

More Factors to Consider

Accordingly, those who are successful to gain the required trainings that every beauty therapist must go through should earn or obtain a professional license which varies depending on a place.  In fact, there are times wherein different tests are implied based on their classification or specialty. The requirements usually consist of a minimum age and of course the said scholastic as well as training backgrounds. Moreover, such exam is typically divided in two parts: written and practical tests. So, when one passed this prerequisite or the esthetician licensing exam, he or she will finally become a licensed beauty therapist. Although, similar with other licenses, there’s also some places that necessitates an annual renewal for such attached with certain fees.

Furthermore, these are the essential things that every person who truly wants to have the said job should include in his or her bucket list with the main objective of acquiring a diploma of beauty therapy. If you are done with these programs and most especially if you had passed the licensure exam, then as a certified beauty therapists you may start applying in related establishments such as the salons and spas. Indeed, improving a person’s physical attributes for broad purposes demands proficiency among other things.


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