Five types of signage that no retailer should ignore


Signage is a vitally important part of the retail experience, from getting customers through the door to entertaining them once inside and helping them find their way. Here are five types of signage that no retailer should ignore.

Health & Safety signs

All workplaces should feature the Health and Safety Law Poster. You may also need to invest in further health and safety signage, such as a yellow triangle to alert staff and customers to a spillage or wet area and a reminder for staff and customers to wash their hands in the restroom.

Fire Exit signs

Signs to your fire exits should always be in green as this is the most visible colour to the naked eye. The door itself should feature a sign, and there should be additional directions toward it. Before you think about any promotional signs, always make sure you have the basics covered first with health and safety and fire exit signage.

Outdoor signage

No one can see the storefront as they walk down the street until they are outside your store. Because most people walk looking forward rather than sideways, outdoor retail signage such as a pavement A-board is essential for getting customers to turn your way. Investing in chalk A-boards means you can change the wording every day, too.

Digital signage

In the 21st century, there is no better signage for your retail store than digital signage. Unlike traditional, static display boards and signs, digital signs can be changed whenever you please, making it easy to alert customers to last-minute promotions or display fun, engaging content. Digital signage also means that you don’t need to have the same information up in each of your stores because you can tailor the content according to the store itself. They can also help create the right mood with lighting, music and inspirational images.

Informational signs

Can your customers find the toilets, checkout and changing rooms easily? What about the exit and customer service desk? Make sure you have plenty of functional, static informational signage to help your customers find their way around your store. Online guides to getting it right such as can really help you get the digital signage right for your store.

From pavement boards to digital displays, make sure your store has it all.


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