Hot & Happening Tips to Make Your Home Luxurious


Everyone cherishes the dream of having a home which should be decorated with innovative and creative way. They want such interior decorations which should make their home look like a luxury home. For achieving this dream the professional touch is necessary. The experts at Vistaar Designs can certainly fulfill such ambition of yours having a luxury home.

The Vistaar Designs is having a team of experienced architects, engineers, interior designers & 3D Designers. This personnel has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complexities of their corresponding field of work. Being the leading interior designers in Noida,while planning the Interior Design for your home, these experts put the comfort &lifestyle of the client at top–priority and deliver a customized output.

How to Make Your Home Look like A Luxury Home  

With the help of some crucial points, make your home look more elegant & stylish. Let’s have a glance on some of the elements Interior Designs compiled by the Vistaar Designs which can make your home look a luxury home.

  1. Rich & Dark Shades of Paint color: Color is the primary Interior Designing element which affects the environment. To give the place an expensive look color up your walls with the darker shades. Architect and interior designers in Noida suggest the usage of satin & velvet touch emulsions for the living rooms and bedrooms.
  2. Heavy Artifacts&Chandeliers: These items reflect royalty. Hanging up a grand chandelier from the ceiling generates the high worth through the fine dazzling lighting.Similarly, hanging of large-sized paintings or artistic items provides a touch of grace.
  3. Light Fixtures or Luminaire: Putting exotic lighting panels in the ceiling through modern lighting consoles can make your place more elegant. These lighting systems come in various shapes and patterns which can be chosen according to personal choice. With cool colored or white or golden light, you make your home look luxurious and exotic.
  4. Life-Size Windows: Aesthetically, life-size window adds grandeur and elegance to the house. Practically, such huge openings allowa lot of bright light during the daytime. Such amount of light adds openness & hugeness in the corresponding room.
  5. Velvet Curtains: These huge windows are needed to be complemented with the plush velvet curtains in darker hues like the purple or cherry red and the entire place would glow as royal and rich.
  6. Authentic Handcrafted Persian rugs: After covering walls with Rich & Dark shade, putting Chandelier, huge curtains & light consoles, the floor remains a crucial element to be given a royal touch. Decorating them with the authentic Persian rugs and carpets that are handcrafted bring exceptional value and thus add significant worth to space.

These were some of the latest trends and demands which among other things also adds the ‘elegance’ or the rich feel that clients ambitions. However, any luxurious living place is not a show of wealth alone but some smart components of interior designing can really make the brilliant difference!
One of the leading interior designers in Noida, Vistaar Designs implements many more concepts that makeyour living place look royal and luxurious. Contact us now and transform your home into a luxury abode!


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