How can BPO Companies handle Customer Service Queues perfectly?


Every business owner wants to have maximum customers in order to stay alive in the competition of today’s market. The responsibility of providing quality support service always gets increased when a company adds a new customer to the list of existing ones.

However, managing a pile of customer service queries may distract organizations from the core business activities. That’s why most of the business owners approach BPO companies to handle extraneous activities.

As far as the capability of BPO firms is concerned, no one is better than them to handle customer service queries. The most cited reason behind that is BPO firms have a large team of proficient agents, vast industrial experience, modern technology, and much more.

During the peak hours, the average number of customer service requests gets doubled. Consequently, this gives BPO firms a hard time. However, support service queues could be managed easily if some crucial factors are worked upon.

Take a gander at the following ways that seem simple but are very effective when it comes to managing customer service queues:

Queries should be ended inthe right department

Being an owner of a BPO firm, you should be acquainted with the fact that voice channel is the first choice of most of the customers. That’s why telephone channel experiences maximum traffic of customer service queries.

In order to get connected with support agents, customers take the help of the IVR system. But sometimes customers get connected to the wrong department because of choosing an incorrect option from the IVR menu. The situation takes a worse turn when agents try to solve issues without having a proper knowledge.

This increases the average handle time, which make a negative impact on the CX levels and business’s productivity. Therefore, it is advisable for support agents to transfer the customer call to the right department for the sake of swift deliverance of resolutions.

For reinforcing the IVR system, here are few suggestions that are worthy to get attention:

  • Check survey results thoroughly.
  • Solicit feedback from agents regarding the changes that should be made in the IVR menu.
  • Monitor repetitive calls to find out the hidden errors of the IVR system.

Encourage customers to use self-service

Encouraging customers to use the self-service facility to eradicate trivial issues is the most effective way to shrink service queue. This is so because if customers solve issues on their own, the average number of support requests will get reduced automatically.

Before you get us wrong, we would like to clarify that we aren’t saying that companies should leave customers in the lurch. Of course, companies should lend a hand when customers make a contact regarding the solution of complex issues. But, handling general support queries is nothing but a wastage of time and resources.

If BPO companies start offering self-service facility, these three things are more likely to happen:

  • There will be no more fluctuations in the CSAT score.
  • Workload will reduce to a great extent, which simply means a low agent attrition rate.
  • Management of queries would be improved, which, in turn, leads to the strengthened brand image.

Keep vital information at your fingertips

Well, the quality of customer service heavily relies on the expertise of support agents. It is so because diligent agents are the ones who help customers in the time of need. In addition, CX levels also depend on how agents assist customers during the interaction.

In order to deal with long support service queues, it is paramount for agents to conclude the customer interaction as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of resolutions. Here, the need of a reliable knowledge base arises as it can help to deliver prompt solutions.

Apart from swift resolutions, a reliable knowledge base could work as a tool that can boost the CX levels, and this is very important from the business’s point of view. Therefore, it is recommended to best BPO companies to update the customer data after every interaction as that’s the best way to ensure the reliability of the IVR system.


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