Key Activities of Data Rescue and Recovery


HDD recovery service is a creative work that does not have its fixed rules, only the goal – to solve a situation where the user has stored information on some device or medium and for various reasons has lost access to it.

Data rescue can be divided into 3 basic activities:

  1. Rescue from damaged media that cannot be read, for example, errors, mechanical, thermal or electrical damage, etc. A binary image is always obtained for further work without risk of damage to the original device, which can work much faster than original, damaged media. Only cases of large disk arrays are processed without an overall image, only for images of damaged discs are taken for practical and time reasons. Rarely, a copy of the device can be used straightforward, but most often; such a copy goes into the queue of structurally damaged media because at the time of failure, the operating system could not write all the current changes.

  1. Rescue from flawlessly working HD where the structure of the file system is damaged, and the volume can be repaired to work with the original operating system. This is very common in the case of damage to a vital sector, such as NTFS or FAT, which is not backed up. Then the whole volume is rejected as an unknown format and can not be repaired by the operating system resources. Missing data can be deduced from other parts of the volume sometimes by applying experience with the behavior of that version of the operating system on a medium of the same type and size. After adding missing information, the volume can usually be easily repaired and put into operation. As mentioned above, it is usually not a re-path after runtime, so it is very important not to try it until there is certainty about the correctness of the data being added or a reliable copy.

  1. Rescue data from a generic, flawless media where emphasis is placed on restoring specific data to a particular format, or where important data is only a fraction of the total disk size, or where the repair of the volume to the functional state is not possible.

The use of the most advanced methods is time consuming and therefore financially demanding, and so, data recovery New York City service allows keeping the rate of success above magical 90%. In health care, many people are lucky and they cure the cold in a few days of medicine for a hundred dollars, some do not have luck and fight for a long time with a serious illness at a considerably higher cost. Unlike mass shoe production, rescue of data and life is primarily a matter of many hours of top specialist work that cannot be replaced.


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