Know the essential elearning strategies


These days, the demand for elearning is growing strong among the corporate sector Besdies the educational institutions. This is because, university and college managements and employers as well as students and employees have realized the innumerous benefits offered by elearning programs. Hence, there have mushroomed elearning companies that do offer different types of elearning content programs to suit their client needs. They are also budget friendly.

About elearning

Elearning stands for electronic learning, a learning system making full use of the web to provide education to individuals, be it students or employees, all over the world. There is a genuine need to have proper strategies in place, since the framework is defined for the elearning program. A structured program is an absolute necessity for the learner, to help understand the objectives as well as to obtain the desire results. The final step involved in the elearning program includes being able to explain logically how these goals and objectives are to be met properly and correctly.

What needs to be understood?

Before initiating the elearning authoring program, there is a need to first understand what the audiences require, their attitude towards internet based education, comfort on using the latest technology, training readiness and motivation factors to get trained. Once the factors are set in place, the next step will be to come up with a useful strategy that will help conduct the elearning program and make it effective.


Elearning and content authoring tools strategy comprises of key elements like financial analysis, communication, content support and technology. Modern technology is used for delivering the elearning program, either asynchronous or synchronous. Real time interaction is present between the learner and the trainer in synchronous technology. A web URL is used by learners for helping learners to tune-in as well as include web casts, web seminars and chats. With regards to asynchronous technology, it is the learner who controls the contents to be viewed, place and time. It includes knowledge portals, help systems and web based training. At times, it is possible to mix asynchronous and synchronous solutions to form comprehensive program.

In any elearning program, it is the content which forms its backbone and is to be carried out under Subject Matter Expert (SME) guidance. The instructional designers are to provide interactive simulation. Content quality needs to be very high standards and also meet the program objectives and offer desirable output.

Proper support system needs to be in place for every program. A password and user ID to initiate the program, online assistance to all queries and troubleshooting options. Equally important is to determine how to tackle, assign and manage the program effectively.

One key aspect to achieving successful elearning program is ‘communication’. Counselor-student one-to-one communication is very much essential. Equally important is financial analysis of any program as it helps to determine support software/hardware, nature of technology, content authoring tools and much more. It is only by having proper definition of the said elements that a coherent strategy can be developed to enjoy educative, successful and profitable elearning program.


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