Know the influencing factors for private healthcare industry


It is without doubt that the healthcare sector is presently enjoying limelight, due to the fact that people are interested in their overall health and well being. According to the industry experts, the size of the healthcare industry is expected to grow by 2020 to about $300+ billion.

Influencing trends for the private healthcare sector

The experts state that private healthcare industry at this point of time is undergoing a metamorphosis stage. This is achieved by widening its focus with regards the services provided by using the latest technology, newer applications and deliverables. Previously, the hospitals which were confined to some specific region and having limited services and infrastructure is now seen to be expanding. This is because of the constant flow of foreign investors into this sector. It is for this reason that there are being launched new Health care companies in France. Some emerging trends which have been shaping up private healthcare industry are as follows:

  • Emerging Tier 2 & 3 Cities: Tremendous growth has been witnessed in the tertiary and secondary care hospitals especially in Tier 2 & 3 cities, for which several reasons have been cited. There has been witnessed significant increase in people’s per capita income and their capacity to meet quality healthcare expenses. Even the doctors are more than willing to start hospitals. Increase in competition level in Tier 1 cities is cited to be another reason to reach saturation level, thus causing serious players to take out time to explore opportunities available externally. Low cost in land, electricity, labor is said be an attractive factor.
  • Debt funding: It is regarded to be an important capital source for private healthcare industry. These days, doctors prefer more of debt funding. However, prior to securing a loan, the borrower is to offer collateral and primary security. Usually, primary security is offered as charge over asset, against which there is provided loan, while collateral security is provided as personal guarantee. The need to provide collateral as personal guarantee is regarded to be a big consideration for medium and small scale hospital promoters, when accepting debt that can at times hinder expansion. The new as well as Health care leading companies in France are searching for funding.
  • Hospital consolidation: The expanding middle class and increasing lifestyle has only led to growth in demand for superior quality healthcare services with time. Although the country is trying to meet this demand but is still falling behind. It has only led to the creation of huge void with regards to supply and demand for quality healthcare services, combined with growing capital demand. Thus, it increases technology acquisitions and operational expenses. In this manner, the healthcare services providers are being compelled to inorganically expand through acceptance of large capital injections or merging with their competitors.

Going through the trends, it will be quite clear that the healthcare sector is all expected to grow with developing technology, which in turn will benefit the ordinary man, helping him to get quality services and treatment at affordable prices.


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