Learn about the different types of closets


Every person knows the importance of a good closet, especially women. A house that doesn’t have a good closet is just like a woman’s handbag without compartments- all the mess will get jumbled up in the middle. Closets are the ultimate organizers of the house. They will dictate exactly where you should put the various categories of stuff that you own and also how much more of that stuff you can acquire. Having a well organized closet can help you find your clothes, tools, gear, shoes and other supplies in a hurry so that you can get ready properly even when you are late.

Though there are various types of closets, the main two types are the reach-in type and the walk-in type. The walk-in type closet id the fantasy f any girl, but a well sized reach-in closet is also as good as the walk-in one. When you are shopping for closets you can also check for one piece closets online. But you should never compromise on your closet. Everyone deserves to have a dream closet.

Here is the list of the various types of closets:


This is the most common type of closets that you will see in most houses. They do come in several flavours but are most often quite shallow. Some have room just enough to hang up your clothes, while some have a bit of extra space behind the hanging bar to stash off the seasonal gear. A bedroom without one of these closets will surely lower the value of your precious house. They come in various sizes too- some quite narrow, while some are wide, but most of them are almost wall length. The narrow closets might have curtains or hinged doors, while the wide ones are mostly provided with sliding doors or bi-folded ones.


A walk in closet, as you must have seen in the movies, is a room with the full view of all your clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. This type of closet is most often connected to a master suite, but houses which have a lot of space may have more rooms in the form of closets. These closets have independent lighting and are provided with a hinged door, just like a separate room. For the circulation of air a vent or even a window might be provided. The selves and hanging bars are to the sides on the wall, which leaves the centre area as a try on area. A mirror, small bench and a carpet might be provided there.


This type of closet is a reach-in type closet where all the spare sheets, bedding, towels, bathroom supplies, extra pillows and blankets, etc are stored. They can be easily tucked in a hallway as they are fairly narrow. You can buy one piece closet covers online to make the closet look better.

Entry or hall

This is the type of closet where people store their coats, jackets and boots when they come home from outside.


This is the closet where all the kitchen related supplies are stored.


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