Learning to wear clothes out


If you’re like me you probably don’t have any dress sense at all. You’ll look into your clothes cupboard and realise that pretty much all of it has been bought by someone else for you. Hopefully that won’t just be your Mum who will have no doubt told you that “it’s fashionable” even when she has no concept of what is fashionable herself. What can you do about this? Well a good start would be to get some Farah Shirts from ejmenswear.com/men/farah. They remain a design classic to this day and have a very good heritage.  What you really need though is a handy guide to get yourself back into the fashion spot light or at least not looking like something the cat dragged in or that your mothers dressed you.

The first thing to remember is that you can’t just become fashionable. It is a skill and an art picking out clothes for yourself. So, do not expect to suddenly overnight look like the type of person who knows what they are doing. A good rule of thumb to begin with is to ask yourself “do I feel comfortable in this?”, “Am I wearing this or is it wearing me?” As with anything in life self-confidence is very important. So, lesson one you will make mistakes and this is a learning process like everything else.

Realise that you do have some knowledge for what is good. Have a think about who you think is a really stylish man. If you can name at least three it shows that you’ve got some idea. While they maybe stylish it doesn’t follow that you can steal theirs though. One of the most important factors you can get right is making sure that your clothes fit right. Some would say that the key to success is to make sure that even if you get nothing else spot on this is the one thing you need to nail. This is about knowing and understanding the shape of you and what you plan to do with it. Put on lose weight whatever your shape is unique and finding the right clothes that fit is utterly essential. Do not be afraid to get help with this. Assistants can help you plus many shops offer bespoke services. Yes it will cost a bit more but you will know where that money goes when you walk out the door looking as good as you do.

If that’s not for you then at least try and buy as high as you can don’t confuse price for quality. Stuck to neutral colours and nothing with a big print or logo on the front, stay away from trends as well, just the classics to start. When you do go shopping don’t just pick up one thing before you go to the changing room (and yes try it on first!) but three, 1 in your actual size and 2 in the size above and below. Good luck.


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