Maintenance Tips for Your Cold Room


A cold room might be essential for the smooth running of your catering business. To ensure it operates well, be sure to have a full maintenance routine in place. Naturally, there will be some operational issues that are unavoidable, but regular checks will minimise the interruptions.

Be specific with your maintenance routines and ensure that all parts of the refrigeration system are covered, from compressors and fans to condensers and evaporators. Some parts will require more checks than others, so draw up checklists for various time periods.

Daily Checks

Many of the daily checks will be visual. Check for leaking water and for any oil leaking from the compressors. Have regular temperature checks and listen for any alarms to suggest temperatures have risen. Equally, check that the room is not too cold and there is no ice forming anywhere, such as on the evaporator.

Monthly Checks

These are more in-depth checks on efficiency and include cleaning coil and evaporator fins. Top up refrigerant levels and check that valves, evaporators, blowers and defrosting functions are all working properly. Calibrate the temperature of the cold room, and finally be sure to run a full functional test of the whole system to alert to any malfunctions.

Quarterly Checks

As time goes on, the checks become increasingly thorough and more in-depth. The regular maintenance checks should be kept up, and the overall functionality checked again, in more detail. There should be more deep cleaning. An annual check is also worth having. Consider it like a service on a car. Visual checks can be carried out by staff, but maintenance should be undertaken by professionals.

There are high-risk areas like the doors, so undertake regular checks on the sliders or rollers to spot any wear and tear that might cause efficiency issues. Perform routine checks on other components like hinges, light switches and door sensors.

For more tips on running efficient cold room read buying guides.

Of course, maintenance can only go so far and all machines have a finite life, so if it’s time for a new one, be sure to check out the ranges from specialist retailers like

If you are looking to replace equipment, check the energy-efficiency rating – over its life, it could save you a significant amount of money.


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