Mummy Makeover: The Makeover You’ve Been Waiting For


The “Mummy Makeover” refers to a series of procedure that aims to restore different parts of the body particularly after pregnancy. It’s a makeover many mother deserves. It can bring back their pre-pregnancy bodies and boost their self-esteem. Many mothers find it hard to fit back to their favourite jeans. Some have been suffering from depression and sadness because they feel like something is missing from them. It’s an epidemic that has to stop. Mummy Makeovers bring back what mothers feel they lack. After Mummy Makeovers, many women feel back at home at their bodies, and more confident than ever.

What exactly are “Mummy Makeovers?”

“Mummy Makeovers” are a series of procedure that can help mothers bring their pre-baby bodies back. Every woman have different types of bodies and each react differently to plastic surgery. Fortunately, not all Mummy Makeovers are created the same. Procedures and packages differ from one another. They specialize on the type of body that the client has and what the client wants. The client can choose to hundreds of procedures that they want to be done to them. All in the name of getting the drive and confidence back and feeling good again in one’s own skin.

Possible procedures

As mentioned, there are tons of procedure that people may choose when they opt for a Mummy Makeover. Here are some of them:

Breast augmentation – Women often suffer from sagging breasts right after pregnancy. Breast augmentation can increase the fullness of the breasts and improve the balance between chest and hips.

Breast lift – This procedure raises breasts by removing excess skin around chest area. Many women suffer from having excess skin right after pregnancy. This can help in tightening the body and bringing the confidence back.

Buttock augmentation – We all want those Instagram-worthy buttocks. This procedure can help you achieve this. It can help enhance the balance of your figure and make you look tantalizing in every photo that you take.

Liposuction – This procedure slips and reshape the client’s body by removing excess fat deposit. It can be done to your thighs, hips and buttocks, and even to your stomach.

Tummy tuck – Many women who just gave birth suffer from excess skin and fat in their stomach area. Tummy tuck tightens the skin and reduces the fats in the said area. After the procedure, the client will look brand new.

Vaginal rejuvenation – This procedure reconstructs a client’s vagina after pregnancy. It will become stronger and better for sexual intercourse and even the next pregnancy.

Who should get the “Mummy Makeover?”

Losing weight can be super hard to women who just gave birth. Diet and exercise can be too much work and cause many self-image issues to many women. Mummy Makeovers are the fastest way to get back to the grind look your best self. But again, these procedures are not cheap. It’s always best for the client to consult first with family members and see what they say about getting the makeover.

Again, the aim of Mummy Makeovers is to bring confidence back. The aim is to feel better at your skin and become more confident to show others who you truly are.

When should it be done?

Post-pregnancy surgery can be done after the body is completely recovered. Three to six months is the most ideal.

What should be done before the surgery?

Inform the whole family about what is about to happen. It is also for the best if the client disclose his or her medical background to the surgeon before the whole procedure to avoid any complication in the process.


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