Signs that you have Dandruff


If you are a stylish person but you are really scared of losing the charm and health of your hair then you should know about the important things. One thing that harms maximum people is dandruff. Have you ever thought about the signs of dandruff?

Do you have knowledge about what are the symptoms of dandruff? Well, even if you don’t know, you can always get an information about them. You can know what the symptoms are and how you can deal with them. It is always good to know about the signs so that you can avoid dandruff from taking place right before it expands.

Your Itchy scalp

Itchy scalp is the commonest symptom of dandruff. In case you have dandruff on scalp, itching could be a regular sign that you would experience. The itching is triggered due to the loose visible flakes. These apparent flakes are the dead cells that belong to scalp. It is a common type of dandruff and it is mainly noticed during the time of winter. Dry scalp is the chief cause of winter dandruff. You need not to panic when you have such a disorder, it can go away with time.If you are too much annoyed by the itchiness of your hair; it is time that you get alert. It might be a sign of extensive dandruff. Even if you have dandruff you can start using dandruff shampoo.

Extreme hair fall

Hair fall is another chief symptom of dandruff in hair. Regardless of the kind, hair fall is a common experience when you are going through this scalp problem. It is true that everyone generally lose twenty to fifty hairs every day. Itis the normal range of hair fall. But an alarming rate of hair fall is clearly a sign of dandruff.If you find that every time you comb your hair you end up with a bunch of hair lying in your hand; it is time that you think about dandruff. You have to examine yourself hair properly and you would soon discover that you have dandruff issue.

Dull and dry

Do you feel that your hair is dry and dull? In case the answer to this question is yes, then you might have dandruff. Dandruff inclines to extract the present oil from the scalp, leaving the hair absolutely dry and lifeless. Your hair may look absolutely dull and unmanageable even after careful brushing. You would have to treat this with full care. If you have not been giving much attention to your dry or dull hair then it is time that you do it now. You have to start using shampoos that are effective, safe and proper for your hair and are apt for dandruff problem. Because if your hair is really dull it means you have dandruff issue. Of course you can choose to use Ketomac shampoo and it is an amazing and proven shampoo to clean your hair and scalp of dandruff.


Thus, when are you going to start using shampoos? It is time that you pick the shampoos that are effective and safe for your hair care.


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