Styling tips using Mobile Covers


Did you ever want that one phone which was just the right price but looked as if it wouldn’t do any justice to your style or the price? Phones these days have mind blowing features like face recognition in the new Apple iPhone X or finger-print recognition in many smart phones. You can also play games that you could once only stream on your gaming laptop or PC. Smartphones these days can do almost anything but what they cannot do is look good, at least, on their own. And that is where phone covers come to the rescue since they are easily available over Amazon or other e-commerce stores; they are more than just an accessory:

For the outgoing and flashy soul: If you don’t like how dull your phone looks with one of those plain of’ transparent phone coverings or no cover at all then you can get one of those covers which are catchy and flashy. Buy a bold solid color or a sparky cover or something with glitters which you can also easily make at home. Because a little glitter never hurt anyone, did it?

Stay loyal to your Fandom: For the geek and nerd in you, who wants to proudly show to the world which book / TV show / movie / comic / character rules your heart. You get special fandom phone covers or customized ones too which not only make you happy but also look good. They look particularly artistic because they are unique and are intriguing to both – the ones who know what they mean and the ones who don’t.

Colour code it with your outfit: You can also match or contrast your phone cover with your outfit because why not? If you are looking or feeling special or beautiful then there’s no harm in colour coding or matching your phone with how you look. It just adds to your style, almost like a nail polish or any other accessory.

Be Safe and Look smart: The screen to body ratio of phones has been increasing – the new iPhone and Samsung S8, for example – making them more prone to breakage. Phone covers, as the name suggests, cover and protect your phone. Though every phone cover provides protection from breakage, some are specifically designed to specially protect and prevent damage. So you don’t have to worry about losing money because you dropped your phone one too many times. And the icing on the cake is that they always look good.

Just flip it: Many phone companies make flip covers which cover the front and the back of the phone and have a magnetic sensor which automatically locks the phone when flipped down, i.e., when it covers the screen. So you don’t have to worry about making unwanted phone calls, at least.

Look good with a support: Phone covers with mounts on their back can be of many uses. One, the obvious usage to watch something while you can lean back and chill. Two, you can use it to easily click selfies because it’s easy to hold, especially if you have one of those huge phones which are bigger than even your palm. Three, you can hook your finger up in it so you don’t drop your phone at all.

Phone covers can be used to make a style statement while making life so much easier.


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