Things You Should Consider Before Getting That Tattoo Removed


If your regret getting a tattoo or are not happy with how it turned out, you don’t have to live with it for the rest of your life. It is possible to get tattoos removed but it is recommended that you get this procedure done only under the supervision of a certified professional. Before you make up your mind to get your tattoo removed, ask yourself the following questions.

How much would it cost to get my tattoo removed?

Tattoo removal is a tedious process. Although the total cost of getting a tattoo removed will depend on the dimensions of the tattoo, a rough estimate is that removing a tattoo may cost up to ten times the cost of getting that tattoo done. So, if your tattoo is a teeny-weeny design, removing it will not cost you much, but if you have a tattoo covering a large area, you should be prepared to shell out big cash.

How is a tattoo removed?

Tattoos are removed by focusing a high-intensity laser at tattoo ink. This process breaks down the ink molecules into smaller fragments. The smaller these fragments get, the lesser visible they become. The process takes several settings until all the tattoo ink becomes fragmented into almost invisible molecules. The process cannot be completed in just one sitting, and depending on the size of the tattoo to be removed, a few weeks or even months may be required.

How much will it hurt?

The perception of pain varies from person to person. However, it is believed that the pain and discomfort during tattoo removal are not more than what you experience while getting a tattoo made on your body. If you can bear the pain of getting a tattoo on your body, you will most likely be able to bear the pain of getting it removed.

Does it damage the skin?

Getting a tattoo removed doesn’t cause any skin damage. However, if the tattoo caused scarring of your skin, the scar will remain. The process only removes the tattoo ink.

It is important to note that your experience of getting your tattoo removed depends largely on the size of the tattoo, its location and the finesse with which it was made. Professional tattoo artists spread tattoo ink deeper in the skin but in a uniform manner, while amateur tattoo artists may spread tattoo ink non-uniformly in different layers beneath the skin. Thus, it is best to go to a trained professional if you want to have your tattoo removed.


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