Top Tips for New and Experienced Van Drivers


The growth of online shopping has dramatically increased the number of van drivers on UK roads. Consequently, drivers need to be aware of health and safety issues as well as maintenance tips which will protect their vehicles.

The van is a crucial asset, and protecting its reliability and making it secure are the starting points for all owners and users. Drivers need to keep their van well maintained and ensure that it meets the needs of their business.


As the technology available in vans improves, it is important to understand what your vehicle offers. Often drivers do not appreciate the features which they have access to. These can include auto city braking, lane keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control to ensure they stay within the law. Take time to read the manual and familiarise yourself with the safety aids available.

Loading the van will also highlight safety issues. The vehicle identity number plate will show the gross vehicle weight, reflecting the maximum cargo the van can carry on the move. The heaviest items should be loaded along the centre of the storage area between the axles. Always take advantage of load securing options which your van offers.

Whatever is in the rear of your van can cause damage to the vehicle. Protection coatings like those from companies such as Speedliner will limit any damage.

Investing in updating your vehicle with products such as Speedliner can influence the sell-on value of the van.


Once loaded, remember that smooth driving will ensure there is no movement in the rear of the vehicle. Even if tied down, the load can move if retaining straps are dislodged.

Often speed limits applied to loaded vans differ from those relating to cars. Even when this is not the case, it is important to recognise that a vehicle will behave differently when fully loaded compared to when no cargo is present.

Always be aware that the breaking distances and cornering manoeuvrability of the van will vary depending on what load you are carrying.

Finally, there is the question of insurance. Adding technology such as GPS trackers and webcams can impact on your insurance premiums. Secure parking after work will also reduce costs.

More vans are on the roads in 2018, so make sure you stay ahead of the game.


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