Tubular batteries are here to save you a lot of hassle.


When it comes to inverters, you must have heard the term tubular batteries. To tell a layman the exact difference between tubular batteries and the lead ones, one has to get into the technicalities.

A tubular battery uses a type of technology where instead of pasting the active material on the surface of a plate, it shuts it in polyester tubes known as gauntlets. Since it is not exposed to the atmosphere, there is no erosion, corrison, rusting or shedding, leading to a longer better battery life.

Tubular batteries have undergone a lot of high level manufacturing technicalities which has resulted in more advanced functioning and relaibility when put together in comparison with the flat plate technology. In today’s day and age you can easily buy tubular battery online.

Facts about tubular batteries.

  1. As mentioned before, tubular batteries don’t go through the wear and tear of rusting and shedding. They are made of very good quality materials which make them tough and durable and resistant to high temperatures and they can support a house which has frequent power outages.
  2. When you buy tubular battery online india know that most batteries are different from each other.Even though the main composition remains the same, there can be a difference in the structure of the battery and a difference of a few materials in the alloy, altering it’s composition. There also lies a difference in how the ‘spine’ which is like a backbone for batteries is put together.
  3. In the case of tubular batteries, the plate that is there in lead batteries is replaced by a cloth tube, which is where the tubular battery derives its name from. Since it’s made out of cloth,the battery stays intact for a long period of time and does not show signs of decay.

Difference between Tubulular and Flat plate battery.

  1. The difference lies majorly in the fact that flat plate batteries are composed of plates- both positive and negative and tubular ones are made out of both tube and a plate.
  2. Tubular batteries have a longer shelf life, of approximately 2 more years than flat plate ones.
  3. The way tubular batteries use current is far more efficient than the way flat plate ones use it. Unlike flat plate batteries where there is wastage of current, tubular ones believe in optimum utilisation of electricity and the electricity bill is also significantly reduced.
  4. It takes a lot to maintain flat plate batteries because they are sensitive to rusting and other changes, however tubular ones are more durable and don’t need any looking after.
  5. The only disadvantages associated with tubular batteries is that it can be more expensive than the flat plate ones. However a little spending goes a long way in saving eletricty and the hassle.

It is important to note that tubular batteries do come with a lot of benefits, but when it comes to safety measures, both are made of materials that need complete protection. Keep it in a place that is completely out of reach for children so that neither do they touch it by mistake, nor do any harmful emissions are inhaled by them.


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