Tubular Batteries: The facts that you must know


Those who use an inverter or drive vehicles understand the role and importance of batteries. They are known as an alternate source of power as with the help of the same one can use AC as well as DC appliances. Batteries are very much essential which are used for many electronic gadgets. These are mainly referred to as uninterrupted power supply which can provide power supplies to many appliances. There are different types of batteries which are used for giving backup to many sources. These batteries are highly convenient and reliable. The tubular batteries are designed with heavy and sensible applications.

The batteries are equipped with many renowned features such as low maintenance, standby life, and low maintenance. Providing proper back up is the main thing of these batteries which are vastly used by the house owners. Some of the tubular batteries are small and large which requires a proper amount of time to charge the home appliances.

Features of the tubular batteries

  • Thick gauntlets.
  • Comprises thick spines which can give the best discharge performance.
  • Float indicators which can show the electrolyte level of the battery.
  • It consists of tubular spines which can perform under harsh situations at 100 bar pressure.

What are the benefits?

  • Consistent performance concerning different climatic conditions.
  • Quick charging process.
  • The long life of the battery.
  • Specially designed batteries which can handle the timely power cuts.
  • Aesthetic designed which you can buy the tubular battery online.
  • Readily available batteries which can reduce the commissioning time.
  • Environment-friendly- special alloy is used to reduce the electrolyte loss.

Different applications

Unique design

There are several designs and styles one opt when buying a tubular battery. The aesthetic design with dual tone colour attracts the consumers to purchase it in heavy amount.

Running time

It comes with high running time which can provide as much working hours. The tubular batteries can easily handle the frequent power cuts. The negative and positive plates of the batteries are the only reason for a better battery backup.

You can get a warranty

Buying the tubular batteries from the reputed tubular battery, online shopping India can provide you a minimum 36 months of warranty. You can enjoy the fruitful specifications and advanced features which can supply better power output to your home accessories.

Almost all tubular batteries are the same, and it only differs regarding composition and structure. The spines are very much useful because it protects the whole body of the tubular battery to prevent corrosion. The built-in quality of the batteries is so tough that you don’t need any external casing on it.

The sliding channel helps you to move the battery unit to any desired place without putting any external force to it. You can use the tubular batteries for solar equipment, in vehicles, power backup. It can provide 12-24 hours of running standby to all the major electrical components of your house and office. You can use the tubular batteries for a long-term period.


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