Victorian versus Edwardian conservatory: the differences


If you’re considering adding a conservatory to your property, one of the first considerations is the style to select.

Even if your choice is constrained by budget or the space available, there is a wide array of options and styles to pick from.

The decision can be bewildering, as there are so many conservatory styles available.

However, the most popular conservatory styles by far in the UK are Victorian or Edwardian conservatories. 18 per cent of British homes have conservatories, with more and more built each year to provide more living space for the whole famil.

These are the features and differences to consider to make your decision easier.

Victorian conservatories
If you want a traditional appearance and you live in a period home, a Victorian style conservatory will be the best option.

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Harking back around 150 years, the Victorian design is inspired by the glasshouses that the Victorian middle classes added to their homes to bring the outside inside and to grow plants.

This design is typically octagonal or hexagonal in shape, which makes the conservatory appear less like a stereotypical box added to the house.

However, the angle of the walls can create issues when placing furniture in the conservatory, especially when using it as a home office or living room.

Although difficult for furniture, the rounded shape of the Victorian design creates great views of your garden, as no corners can obscure the view.

Edwardian conservatories
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For a more contemporary conservatory, Edwardian conservatories are a popular choice.

They are rectangular or square in shape, which creates the ideal shape for blending with modern homes, or making a style statement in older properties.

As the walls are straight in Edwardian conservatories, placing shelving units and sofas around the room is much easier.

There are also a wide range of roof options available on Edwardian conservatories, and they can be constructed as small or large as required.

Prices for any conservatory depend on the material and size selected.

uPVC conservatories tend to be the cheaper option compared to hardwood, with a square, basic Edwardian conservatory costing around £10,000. Victorian hardwood, custom-made conservatories can cost up to £50,000.

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