What is Android One and why should you care?


Google and its hardware associates – Micromax, Spice, and Karbonn – initiated Android One phones.  For Google, Android One is a great trade. As seen on CompareRaja, Andriod One featuring phones are ranked higher by users than other budget phones. Read on to know what is Android One and why should you care?

Android One is a Google program uniting with phone manufacturers to make excellent, but the inexpensive Android smartphone; the program was launched by Pichai in June and India is the first and foremost nation where manufacturers release Android One Phone. For Android One phones, Google has given recommendations hardware specification to these manufacturers, Along with the assurance of making consistent updates for the Android Operating System for up to two years. With Android One, it wants to take the deal with of the Android environment from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and LG.

Which devices does Android One perform?

The complete list of Android One devices accessible in Google is here. The latest checklist consists of Android One Moto X4, Xiaomi M1, Xiaomi MI A1, Y Mobile X1, Y Mobile S1, Y Mobile S2, General Mobile GM6, General Mobile GM5 and General Mobile GM5 Plus.

HTC too included HTC U11 Life, which is an Android One handset (Although a unique T-Mobile US edition too runs Android nougat with HTC Sense). HTC U11 Life was the foremost Android One Oreo phone and HTC’s first and foremost Android One phone.

Why Should You Take Care Of Android Malware?

Marketplace authority of Android implies that it is the primary goal for those who write malware. Parallel to Windows for your Personal Computer, the reality is that greater than 70% of smartphone lovers all over the world use Android this states this is where you wish to target if you are an attempt to thieve customer’s info. There is definitely malware for iOS, and maybe windows 10 mobile, but to expand the barriers, Android is the goal.

There is a cause for malware to be successful with Android, and it is the one which has not yet been discussed: Many devices are functioning on outdated software and have not been compromised next to it.

There is not safety devastation for mobile devices even though. Safety upgrades require being built with an excellent camera and elegant glass frame.

Hope you all now are aware of that is essential to compare mobile and what is Android One and why should you care.

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