What is the best software to convert YouTube videos for Facebook?


Facebook, over the last couple of years, has successfully earned the title of becoming the largest social media platform. It has billions of active users per month which contribute to generating the maximum revenue for Facebook in comparison to other social media networking sites. So, if you are a social media influencer who prefers to reach out to the audience by creating unique content, then owning a YouTube channel might have been your childhood dream. But you know restricting yourself up to YouTube is no gainer. So, if you want to get famous among all strata of audiences, you need to maximise the use of all social media platforms especially Facebook.

Facebook currently has twice the number of active users as compared to YouTube so you should definitely share your videos both on YouTube and Facebook. You do not need to separately upload the content on all the social media platforms. Follow the steps given below for using the hacks which can save you internet data as well as the unnecessary hassle of customising videos as per every networking site’s guidelines.

  1. Look for a YouTube to Facebook converter which will help you in converting the YouTube video and make it compatible with Facebook’s guidelines. You can get this tool online for free on any of the relevant websites. Visit the website, copy and paste the link of your YouTube video. In less than a minute you will receive a converted link which you have to paste on your Facebook timeline.
  2. As soon as people click the link on your Facebook page, they will be redirected to watch your video on your YouTube channel. This will help you to gain views organically for your videos as well as increase your subscribers!
  3. But, how will people know your video is worth a watch or not? There will be thousands of posts by people, some advertisements popping here and there, many profiles and cover pictures and other options to navigate and indulge in online games or quizzes. So, if you want all your Facebook friends and fans to watch your video over any other content, then make sure you have an attractive thumbnail.
  4. A Facebook thumbnail is larger than a YouTube thumbnail with the improved pixel. So, while converting your YouTube videos Facebook thumbnail, do not forget to use a thumbnail generator. This thumbnail generator will capture an original image from your video and set is as a thumbnail which will be in sync with your content. However, if you do not want any capture from your video to be the thumbnail, then you can always add a customised image from the drive. But ensure that the customised image represents your content accurately for positive feedback from your viewers.
  5. The converted thumbnail will be way bigger than the size of the YouTube thumbnail and a play button will be attached on it so that people can easily play it. If your content is unique and free from unwanted boredom, then definitely you can become a YouTube influencer any day!


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