Which team has been the most improved in F1 this year?


It’s been an exciting year in the world of F1 with some shake-ups of the old order and some huge gains made by some outstanding new racers and their teams. Most improved, however, doesn’t necessarily mean top of the table, and you may be surprised to hear that the team considered most improved is, in fact, the Swiss team and frequent underdogs, Sauber, despite only sitting at the number 9 spot in the world rankings. Compare that, however, with their 2017 finish of number 10 and some excellent potential for the rest of the year and you’ll see why.

Sauber, Vasseur and Charles Leclerc

The story of Sauber is fairly unique in the sport of motor racing. Unlike most teams, which are bankrolled by large car manufacturers, Sauber is an independent Swiss F1 team, with cars built by Peter Sauber. The team first appeared on the F1 circuit in 1993. After a brief spell with BMW in the noughties, the team returned to independent manufacturing, but with Ferrari engines from 2009.

So far this team has achieved 16 points in ten races and has already exceeded its entire points for 2017, and it’s only August. Team boss Vasseur has had a huge impact on the team’s success since he joined in 2016. But much of the success thus far this year has been down to the signing of young superstar, Charles Leclerc, currently ranked 14th in the world. Leclerc was born in Monaco to a family of car racers, and at only 20 he has already won the FIA F2 2017 world championship and the GP3 series in 2016.

Pit Stop Success

As well as concentrating on more aerodynamic designs of the car itself back in the Sauber factory, one area that has seen vast improvement is pit stop time. In fact, Sauber had the fastest individual pit stop times at three of the last four F1 competitions the team competed in.

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Sauber is certainly on the up, and retaining Charles Leclerc will most likely ensure longevity as a top ten team.


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